International Conference: Women’s Freedom, Peace and Dignity in Palestine UNSCR 1325 for Accountability

2014 / 04 / 10  10:06


“Women’s Freedom, Peace and Dignity in Palestine
UNSCR 1325 for Accountability”

An International Conference, Convened by the YWCA of Palestine
26 September to 1 October 2014

The YWCA of Palestine, with the support of the World YWCA and in coordination with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs- State of Palestine/ UNSCR 1325 National Forum, the General Union for Palestinian Women/ UNSCR 1325 Coalition, the Violence Against Women Forum (AL MUNTADA), and KAIROS Palestine is hosting an international conference to discuss women’s, including young women’s role in ending violence and promoting human rights and dignity for all Palestinian women, men, youth and children, through the framework of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325).

UNSCR 1325 coincides with the agenda of the Palestinian women movements as it combines the requirements of national liberation and women’s need to achieve peace with justice, as well as social progress and the protection of human rights values of democracy and equality. UNSCR 1325 recognizes the right and the need for women’s participation in peace, protection and prevention from all forms of violence, including gender-based violence.

Conference Objectives:

  • Enlighten and raise awareness amongst the conference participants (YWCA movement, ecumenical partners, international civil society and supporters) on the impact of the Israeli military occupation on women’s rights and safety in the occupied State of Palestine.
  • Create the space for awareness raising, knowledge sharing and dialogue on the achievements and challenges for women, youth and girls on realizing human rights, peace, justice and security within the UNSCR 1325 framework in conflict and post-conflict countries and in the occupied State of Palestine.
  • Develop a framework and a follow-up strategy for a National Action Plan on 1325 for the occupied State of Palestine, in partnership with key governmental, civil society, faith-based organisations, academic institutions, the private sector, and relevant partners.
  • Create and/or strengthen international networks and actions with conference participants (the YWCA movement, ecumenical partners, international civil society and supporters) in support of human rights, freedom, peace, and justice for the occupied State of Palestine.
  • Disseminate a conference communiqué highlighting the key outcomes of the conference amongst national and international stakeholders.

The YWCA of Palestine, with the support of the World YWCA, calls on YWCA associations, human rights activists and organizations, ecumenical and faith based partners, academic institutions, and other partners around the world to join us in realizing human rights, freedom, peace and justice, for the occupied State of Palestine

At the core of our rights based approach is the importance of human dignity that we are all created in the image of God and that God has created all people equal and has endowed them with life and common humanity. “This requires us to not only serve those in need but also to look for the root causes of the suffering, to look for the different structures that produce injustice and to work actively to overcome those structures”.

(Ms. Susan Brennan, Former President of the World YWCA, World Week of Prayer 2008).

Conference and Pre-Conference Witness Visit Details:

  • Three Days in Bethlehem, Occupied Palestine State from September 29th - October 1st, 2014. Participants of the Conference should plan to arrive on Sunday - September 28th, 2014.
  • A Pre-Conference Witness Visit will be organized for YWCA and other ecumenical international partners from September 26 – September 28 2014. Participants of the witness visit should plan to arrive on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

An organised 3-day witness visit is intended to offer participants the opportunity to experience daily life in occupied Palestine under the Israeli military occupation. These struggles include witnessing the separation wall, checkpoints, land and water resource confiscations, uprooting of trees, home demolitions, expansion and building of settlements. Spaces will be created to dialogue with key leaders and organisations to hear of some of the challenges women face under military occupation and patriarchal structures. Selected visits to YWCA activities/programs will also be included.

  • Departure Date: Thursday October 2, 2014. (Note that on Friday noon 3 October 2014, the Israeli airport and borders will be closed for Yom Kippur Holiday).

Contact us at for more information. Young Women (under 30 years of age) are particularly encouraged to register and participate in this Conference.

Conference Registration Form (download)

A - Payment Form - Individual Payment Form (download)

B - Payment Form- Group Payment Form (download)

Useful Information for the Conference (download


المؤتمر الدولي لجمعیة الشابات المسیحیة - فلسطین
الحریة والسلام والكرامة للم أ رة في فلسطین
ق ا رر مجلس الأمن للأمم المتحدة 1325 للمساءلة
من 26 أیلول/سبتمبر حتى 1 تشرین الأول/أكتوبر – 2014 فلسطین

تعكف جمعیة الشابات المسیحیة في فلسطین، وبالتنسیق مع جمعیة الشابات المسیحیة العالمیة، ووزارة شؤون المرأة الفلسطینیة واتحاد لجنة 1325 ومنتدى المرأة الفلسطینیة لمناهضة العنف ضد المرأة، ولجان وقفة حق كایروس فلسطین تعكف حالیا على الإعداد لعقد مؤتمر دولي حول قرار مجلس الأمن 1325 و دور النساء والشابات في العمل من أجل انهاء العنف، وتحقیق الأمن والحریةو الكر امة

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