Advocacy Tools and Holiday Gifts that Tell a Story

From Holy Land and National YWCA of Palestine

The YWCA of Palestine offers you olive wood products from the Holy Land that make wonderful gifts that help connect our sacred stories with the current reality. Each product is hand made in Palestine and comes with a small brochure or booklet with suggestions on how it can also be
used liturgically or as an education or advocacy tool.

All of these projects are part of our Peace and Justice work for they help us help you tell the story of what happened or is happening to the Palestinian people including the movement for women’s freedom. They can be used to help you connect your Christian faith to a call for justice and peace. They can be used to help you connect your values to human rights and respect for international law.

For Your Advent and Epiphany Celebrations or for advocacy, we have four offerings: The Fabric of Our Lives, Breaking Down the Wall; Wise Women Also Came; and The Flight into Egypt. Here is a brief description of each project.  (Download Advocacy Tools)


Advocacy Tools and Holiday Gifts that Tell a Story


The Fabric of Our Lives  (Download Brochure

For understanding the importance of the Right of Return as essential for women’s demands for freedom, dignity, and peace, we created The Fabric of Our Lives project. We interviewed five women from the two refugee camps we work in as YWCA, who were old enough to remember what
happened to them and their families in 1948 when they were expelled from their villages. Each doll comes with a small booklet telling who she is and something about her village.

The purpose of this project is to support refugee women's livelihoods and their families, raise awareness of the importance of refugee rights, and provide a tool for advocating for the Right of Return or reparations outlined in UN Resolutions or international law. The project sheds light on the history of the Nakba, the Great Catastrophe, and the ongoing forced displacement and dispossession still taking place throughout the occupied state of Palestine.



Breaking Down the Wall (Download Booklet)

Breaking Down the Wall is a 10 inch olive wood replica of the Annexation Wall. This five piece wall comes with a booklet that includes facts about the wall and its impact on Palestinian lives especially women and farmers. It also comes with small stickers of images found on the Bethlehem part of the wall. 

The Wall can be used in a multiple of ways including but not limited to its use through the Advent season for it comes with prayers and stories for each Sunday in Advent and Christmas Eve. The idea is simply to knock down a piece of the Wall until Jesus is born without barriers or  walls on Christmas Eve.

The International Criminal Justice Court ruled the wall illegal in 2009 and called for its dismantlement immediately. Let us all join Jesus who is our peace and has broken down  the dividing wall to break down this Wall.



Wise Women Also came (Download Brochure)

The Wise Women Also Came celebrates the inclusion of the wise women who must also have come to witness to the light, the birth of the Prince of Peace. These are three olive wood dolls that come with a small booklet describing their use during epiphany including the wonderful poem by Jan L. Richardson who has kindly given us her support and blessing for this project.

We believe it is time to make visible the presence and contributions of the women who must also have come to witness the birth, celebrate new life, and manifest the light. Towards re-imagining women’s participation and inclusion, we invite you to use these dolls and accompanying poems to reflect on women’s participation and leadership in our sacred story and in our present life.



Flight into Egypt (Download Brochure)

The Fight into Egypt is a biblical event described in the Gospel of Matthew in which Joseph fled with his wife Mary and their son, Jesus because they learned that King Herod intended to kill all infants in the area of Bethlehem. The émigré Holy Family of Nazareth fleeing into Egypt is the archetype of every refugee family.

You are invited to use this statue to lift up all who are refugees today including the over 11.6 million Palestinians dispersed throughout the world. We invite you to remember your sacred roots to this Holy Family and how they connect us to all families and all refugees. We also invite you to work for refugee rights and specifically the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees.