Youth Participate and Youth Decide: Towards Freedom and Justice

“Youth Participate and Youth Decide: Towards Freedom and Justice”

An International Youth Conference Convened by the YWCA of Palestine
October 10 – 14, 2018
The Red Crescent Society, Ramallah, Palestine



“Youth Participate and Youth Decide: Towards Freedom and Justice” is an international youth conference organized by YWCA of Palestine, in partnership with few YWCA’s globally, and in coordination with local UN organizations and NGO's within the framework of UN Security Resolution 2250. The conference is for youth and lead by youth!

UNSCR 2250 urges states, UN organizations and civil society to consider ways to increase meaningful and inclusive participation of youth in building a sustainable future that promotes justice, respect, and security. The prolonged military occupation of Palestine and the consistent violations of rights, targeted mostly against young women and men, have created a desperate and hopeless state for youth.

Youth in Palestine constitute the majority of the population, yet they do not get their fair share of resources nor are they represented in decision-making processes. In addition, they often do not hold positions of authority or power in their organizations, community or government. This leads to a sense of marginalization and exclusion. The YWCA believes that young people are and can be the agents of change, and given the right opportunities, support and platforms, they can create the positive future that promises freedom and justice for all.

For this reason, the YWCA of Palestine and its partners within the Global Movement are inviting youth from around the globe to meet and exchange ideas about their economic, social and political rights. We are excited to offer them a platform that will allow them to engage in creative and participatory formats to explore issues about their rights as they relate to the implementation of UNSCR2250 in their local and global contexts. In addition,  we hope to promote the development of international solidarity networks.



Conference Objectives:

  • Support a process of building youth leadership in Palestine and supporting young people to move from "subjects to citizens" and become active and positive agents of change in their communities;
  • Promote awareness of youth, locally, regionally and internationally about the realities of oppression that young people face in Palestine;
  • Support the dialogue between youth as rights holders, and the Palestinian government as duty bearers on issues that concern young people, and their rights (e.g. education, jobs, health, safety, etc.);
  • Offer the opportunity for youth from other countries to share successful experiences in their development processes as well as their role in peace building;
  • Support the development of international solidarity networks for peace and justice;
  • Create and/or strengthen cooperation locally, regionally and internationally between the YWCA of Palestine and World YWCA/YMCA movements, our ecumenical partners and other national and international civil society and youth organizations working on promoting human rights, security and a just peace in Palestine.

Who can attend?

The conference targets and gives priority to young women and men under the age of 30 locally and internationally, but welcomes decision-makers, academics, church leaders, professionals and researchers who work with or support youthissues.

Where is it taking place and when?

The conference will be at the Red Crescent Society in the city of Ramallah from October 12 – 14, 2018. It will be preceded by a two-day witness visit, which you can learn more about in the Pre and Post Conference Activities section. If you would like to attend the conference ONLY, you should plan to arrive on October 11, 2018.



The detailed programme of the conference will be available soon!

Meet Our Speakers

The list of speakers will be available soon!

Accommodation and Transportation

We are happy to provide you with accommodation and to offer you airport pickup for the prices shown in the table below.Please note that due to limited space, not all participants will be accommodated at the Red Crescent Society venue. Some participants will be accommodated in different hotels, based on the number, in coordination with the Red Crescent Society. Transportation from and to the conference venue will be provided for all.

*Please note that the taxi company will charge $14 per extra hour of waiting at the airport. 

Pre/Post Conference Activities

Witness Visit

The conference will be preceded by a witness visit, on October 10 and 11, which is intended to offer,especially the international participants, the opportunity to experience daily life in Occupied Palestine under Israeli military rule and learn about strategies of resilience under occupation. This visit includes witnessing the Separation Wall, check points, land and water confiscations, uprooting of trees, home demolitions, and expansion and building of illegal settlements. Participants will have the opportunity to dialogue with key social and political leaders in organizations who work with youth, and hear some of the challenges young people face under military occupation and patriarchal structures. Selected visits to YWCA programs and activities might be included based on time availability. Participants should plan to arrive latest by October 9. We highly recommend you to take part in the visit to better understand the issues Palestinian youth face and to therefore better engage in the conference.

Olive Tree Picking

Participants can also take part in the Olive Picking Programme (Keep Hope Alive Campaign) of the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) right after the Conference.This will be organized by JAI, which is the advocacy arm of the YMCA of East Jerusalem and the YWCA of Palestine. If you wish to learn more about the campaign, please visit JAI’s website or contact


Registration fee for the conference ONLY is $100 per person (includes meals and conference materials). For conference and witness visit, the registration fee is $175 per person (includes local transportation during the witness visit, meals and conference materials). The conference will be in English and Arabic with translation provided.

Don’t miss out on such a great opportunity, and join us in acknowledging young people as agents of change and leaders of a positive future that promotes justice and freedom for all!


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